Too Much To Do, Too Little Time?

Do you also have this problem?

I mean, parents and non-parents alike, this is something that is actually there but we do not know why, or how, or worst – how to be able to do everything that should be done.

For working mothers with a child or children, this is really something that is happening in the now.

I asked for a week extension to my forced 3-week leave (that I have used to go to the Philippines, alone, to bid my grandmother farewell) to rest, recharge and rethink.  Last week, while I was eagerly awaiting for this week to arrive, I was already silently laying out the things that I could do for this week:

1.  Finally start (and finish!!!) our wedding album.  Yes, we still do not have a concrete wedding album that we can just flip the pages to reminisce this very special moment.  Everything is still in the hard drive of my laptop.  (I need a back-up fast!)

2.  Finish (or start all over again!!!) our wedding video.  Yes, this trying hard software-oriented oriental girl would want to definitely have a wedding video like those others who really paid too much for their wedding.

3.  Start placing all the 300 or so printed family photos to the albums that were bought a year ago.

I know you would agree that in this digital world of smart phones, mobile devices, tablets, digital cameras – we take a lot of pictures and swamp our memory cards and hard drives.

I, like some others, print them. 

And forget.

4.  Lay down the details of my supposed-to-be book, or novel, or whatever.

5.  Start with Z’s scrapbook.  Funny, because I was able to finish the scrapbook for my husband (with a LOT of help from my sister – actually, she did 90% of the job).

6.  Start fixing and putting together Z’s birth, baptismal and birthday cards in one folder.

7.  Start fixing and putting together our wedding cards.

8.  Start posting the photos that I have taken via my iphone on facebook as my family is waiting for them.

9.  Start fixing and going over all the stuff in the closet by the hall (before we move!!)

10. Start reading the books that I have accumulated all these years here in the Netherlands!  80% have never been opened! Please.  Or forever listen to my husband moaning that I did not like the books he gave me!

11. Finish the book online that I was supposed to give as a gift, but was not able to.

12. Finish this blog.  And continue blogging.

And now that it is already Wednesday, and I still was not able to do any of these (except perhaps trying to finish this blog in between watching Ajax playing against Paris Saint Germain) – I AM STARTING TO PANIC!

Although, come to think of it, I think I can commend myself that, after a long time, and after my heavy trip to the Philippines, I was able to fix and sip into Z’s gazillion books and toys!  (Though as I can see it, I have to re-do it again in a few weeks time).

This are just but some of the small stuffs that we want to do but are not doing.  Maybe because we have more important things to do like cooking and ironing, cleaning and doing the vacuum cleaning, doing the laundry or learning how tbake.

Or sleeping.  Oh yes, that much needed rest.

Maybe I can skip my siestas if I am at home and start doing some of this things?

Even just an hour of my every weekend.  Right?


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