My Princess and Her Mama’s Colds

Now that winter is coming and has almost arrived, along with the clock moving an hour back – my baby’s immune systems and mine’s waivered and yep! Here we are with cough and colds.

If you are a sick parent with a sick child – well, forget about being sick yourself.

Now Z is okay. Her Mama? Still sneezing her colds out!

Just now, I gave 3 tremendous sneezes that everything around me trembled! My then playing baby rushed to the coffee table where the kleenex was, grabbed 2 tissues, knocked over her tetra packed drink, saw it fell to the floor with the orange juice leaking out, looked at me while I said “Pick up your drink baby…”, ignored the juice and me and said “Nee!”, stepped over her drink, stood infront of me and placed the tissue in my nose – the same way I always do when she sneezes.

I was almost in tears.

She turned her back on me, picked up her drink, went to the garbage bin and threw the still clean tissue and came back to me askimg “Mama crying?”

My nose, by the way, was still leaking.

How has my 2-years, 5-months old daughter grown so emotionally and mentally abled?

Amazing what a little child can already do.


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