The Talk Re Z’s Development

Today, 24/11/2014, we had a talk with Z’s main guardian/teacher at the crèche.

She is now 2 years and 6 months old.

I will have them listed down (my personal blog) in case I forget today happened in two days time.

Juffrouw Anita said –

  • That Z is not much of a talker (“Thank God she is like me!”, I heard her father pray LOUDLY!).  She will, most of the time, prefer to be alone and surround herself with books.
  • That she used to just eat and play (and basically – do everything!) with Aiden until her little friend and his family moved to Belgium because of his Papa’s work.  Now she plays with other children – girls! finally! – that Aiden is gone.
Lunch with Aiden

Lunch with Aiden

  • That, sometimes, while eating at the table with other children, she will try and kick the other kids from under the table to check if they would laugh with her or cry.  Most of the time, Anita said, if the child laughs, she will kick again just to see when the other kids will start crying.  Am I raising a bully? Oh my! My sweet, sweet child!  – though I can perfectly remember that I used to bully other kids, too, when I was still under 7 years old. * guilty smile here *
  • That we – at home – has to try and align the eating habits that they try to implement and eat at the crèche.  Z would now almost always refuse to eat her breakfast and ask (and really expecting!) for something else to be given to her.  I know I am at fault at this.  Why not?? I just want to make sure that she eats well when she is at home with me!  And, I was raised a Filipino and we eat “warm food” all-the-time.  Is it bad to wish your child will grow up liking the food you used to eat as well when you were a child?  Am I being selfish here?  Do I sound like one?


  • That because Z is not much of a talker, she would not answer questions like “How was your weekend?  What did you do during the weekend?” immediately.  She will just answer “Goed” (good) as short as that.  The teachers still have to prune down the questions before really getting the answer that they want from Z.  I have a rebuttal here:  Z I being to with 3 different languages at the moment – I told my husband that it is perfectly normal that she is still not much of an “orator” as her brain is still processing words. * defensive mode*

And now, the most important part –

  • That despite Z preferring to be just with herself, she was the only one to get a perfect score during their surprised exam:  She got all colors correct, she knows the different animals and their sounds and only missed “kin” (chin) for body parts.  I do not want to sound really patronizing here, however, Anita said Z is the most clever and smartest at school.  *hem, hem.. am sure she got this from Mama.. hem, hem*

Here, here.. now I can finally go to sleep. #


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