The Fort That Was Ignored

Today is Thursday. Mama day. I am home with Z.
I woke up planning that I would be taking her outside – to the bridge by the river and watch the birds.
However, it has been drizzling the whole day, not to mention the wind.
Ice and wind outside.
Thank you winter.
So I thout of building a fort so Z and I could play and pretend to be camping somewhere.
Today’s generation is really different – and with all honesty, this is scaring me.

They may look cute with information technology, but not entirely pretty!
My daughter totally ignored me and the fort that I built.
She would rather play with the ipad – her Papa paid for more puzzles, book readers, memory games.
She would rather take the princess and the unicorn to bathe and dress them up with stones and jewels and make-up.
She would rather watch and sing along with nursery rhymes in Youtube.
All THESE she does by herself.
I took it away, she just stared at me.
Then transferred to my open laptop.

Gone are the days when children connect with other people to learn and to grow.
I know I have to do something. We have to do something.

I am proud that she is ahead of her time. I just hope she will never stop wanting to learn more.

We are the parents of today’s generation.
How our children will grow up – is entirely up to us.

And yes, the news on tv and the internet are scaring me, scaring my husband.

The people behind these bad deeds were also somebody’s children once.
How were they raised? How was their relationship with their parents? Their society?
How was their relationship with themselves?

Am I overthinking again?

The Fort vs The Ipad

The Fort vs The Ipad


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