When we found out that I was pregnant, we have decided to name our daughter Sidney.  I immediately was inlove with the thought of naming my child this, as:

1.  I think it is unique even though I know there are other Sidney’s around the world.

2.  This is the first name of one of my favorite authors – Sidney Sheldon.

3.  The name Sidney is rare (aka unique), I think.

4.  I love it.

As I was entering the second trimester of my pregnancy, we watched the movie Colombiana.

From there on, we decided (or my husband decided) that we will name our baby as the name of the actress (protagonist) in the movie.

I still think Sidney is a really good name.  

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I love my feisty and beautiful Super Z, and her name.

I was just thinking while on this bus today – so I will not continue using just the first initial of my daughter in my blog, I will call her Sidney in cyberspace.

My Sidney.


On a lighter note, I have mentioned this story to one of my Spanish friends some 2 years ago.  He didn’t agree that Sidney can be a nice name as I think he was really not a big fan of “Paris” Hilton.

Then he blurted out: “You could just also name him “Sevilla” for all you want!

He is from Sevilla.  I call him “mi lord” because his name says so.


Facebook Identity Theft – No Major Damage Done But This Happened To Me

Because of me having to work full time on the weeks to come, I promised myself that I would not be using my phone, or scan Facebook, or post pictures on Instagram while I am with my daughter.

When she joined her father in the bath today, I did a quick “sneak” on Facebook.

Yes, I know. I guess I am addicted.

Then I found this:

Identity Theft - Not Me

Identity Theft – Not Me

I was momentarily dazed! Could it be that I was logged on to my blog’s Facebook account that morning?  But wait, where was my husband’s last name?

I scrolled up. No. I was logged as myself.

Hmmm.. something is wrong here, I said to myself.

I checked: the account had my maiden name, the same profile picture and the same cover picture of my daughter.

The picture of my daughter.

Facebook said that we have 11 mutual friends!  One very close Godmother included!

The fraudster had successfully added some of my friends and relatives.

So I went into action:
1. I posted the above picture in my FB status with the following caption:
Guys, I found this profile in Facebook that has my name and already added 5 of my relatives and friends. Please beware! Am using my husband’s last name and not my maiden name. Whoever this is, please, don’t add!

2. I submitted a report to Facebook about a person pretending to be me.

3. I changed my profile picture.

4. I changed my cover photo to a drawing that my daughter and I made.

5. I sent a message to the fraudster with the question: “Who is this?” (Of course, I did not receive any reply).

5. I changed my Facebook name.

6. I changed the settings of my Facebook privacy and set almost everything to “Only Me.”

7. Replied to the comments which were rapidly adding up as responses to my Facebook Status. Found out that the fraudster tried to add and chat to a lot more people – including my aunt and my closest friends.

8. Hid all my photo albums in Facebook prioritizing those of my daughter’s.

9. Hid as much personal details as possible.

9. Replied to friend’s chats. And one super friend sent this:


The fraudster said that “I” was deleting inactive contacts from my Facebook and that “I” was trying to add those that “I” had accidentally deleted back.

Tagalog. A Filipino. What a shame.

My friend also tried to locate the IP address used: the fraudster was located in Manila, Philippines.

10. Checked the report I submitted to Facebook help 2 hours after. The status still said “Being Reviewed.”

Somewhere in between number 7 and number 8, my aunts, some friends and I can no longer access the profile. I checked the chat, the profile was gone.

I want to believe that I scared the idiot, or that I have caught the fraudster so early on his/her modus that he/she did not dare continue as me. I know I was supposed to be happy, or glad, however, I was shaking and freaking out all the same.

That creature has my photos (of me and my husband and my daughter’s) on his/her hard drive (or whatever medium).

I know this story fairly well. My sister was a victim some 3 years ago. The same modus operandi. The fraudster created another account with the exact profile name, copied her profile and cover photos and added her friends and relatives.

Then the animal started borrowing money, or asking for cellphone loads from her friends.

Since my sister was always pretty busy, she was not so active on social media that time. (Actually, she still is not.) She just checks Facebook for new pictures of her niece – my daughter. Or to get updates about me and my family – or to give updates.

My sister only found out that there was this somebody who pretended to be her when she received visits with insults being slurred at her in the Faculty Room from angry acquaintances, and from students asking for their money back. She also got slandered on Facebook from some people (who also chatted me at some point) asking for their money back.

I know how hurt my sister was. I was stupefied. Extreme.  I was devastated.

How could somebody do this to another human being!

My sister, in turn, paid this people who asked for their money back. I think some of them did not believe that it was not really her who asked for the money. She paid them – she told me – as some of them barely got nothing and that they gave in because they trusted her.

I know, had this fraudster from this morning asked for money from some of those “it” added, they will give or send the money.  I believe some people trust me.

Or maybe not.

I just hope that nobody gave this “person” any money.


The things that some people can do to earn.

Tonight, while writing this,  I thought of checking the report that I submitted.

Your Report Has Been Reviewed

Your Report Has Been Reviewed

The response was obviously from a template.

And the profile had been long removed.

Or maybe Facebook did?


I have been always thinking of having this account removed but there were just so much memories.  I think I will delete this sooner or later – will download all the important stuffs first.

This is just a Facebook account.  Why is it so hard to let go?

Sudoku in Dutch?

I saw books of the Sudoku game in a store in Belgium, similar to the one above.

Me: “Oh wow, Sudoku! Is this in Dutch?”

Husband: “Oh my God! You did not just say that. You.did.not.just.say.that!”

Realizing my stupidity…

Me: “But the cover is in Dutch! Look!”

My husband walked away!

(It must have been the drizzle and the wind outside, haha)

“Mama, Don’t Cry.”

Yesterday, I was watching Extreme Makeover with my Dutch family over Saturday dinner.
The story was of a pregnant woman whose husband had a heart attack and died while going out of their house to call for help as his wife was on labor.
That night her baby was born.

It has been 1 and a half year already since her husband died and her baby was born in the show. Extreme Makeover came to make her and her husband’s dream a reality – build a fairy tale like home with a barn and a farm for them and their children.

She was crying the whole time. I can really feel her pain. And so I cried.

Then my Z came to me and placed her arm around my neck and her face to my face.

“Mama, don’t cry. Niet huilen , Mama. Please?”

Then I smiled.

My Dear Z,

Christmas 2014 - Conquering NL
Now that Mama is about to embark to another chapter in her Nederlandse life, we have to do some major changes in our every-days, again.

I know that you will feel the change that will be happening in the next few weeks – as little as you still are – you are very smart. Your Papa and your Oma have been convincing Mama that you really like it now at the crèche/school, yet still, I don’t know. This pain is really piercing Mama’s heart.

I know that my decision would be leading to this. I thought I would be prepared.

Now I know that I never would be prepared and not being with you on Tuesdays and Thursdays would be really different. And weird. And different.

We will both make it through. We are Papa’s strong girls.
Strong-willed women!

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Spring and Twirl

The sun in her twinkling little eyes, the undefinable joy etched on her small, kissable lips that reminds me so much of her father’s kisses and those cute, working hands working the magic turn, twirl, dance, play.

They all remind me that, everyday, I am this Filipina who is successfully conquering The Netherlands.