Report of Marriage – A Filipino Citizen Marrying or Married to a Dutch National

Last week, I was poring over the Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands website as I have to recheck for the details on how I would be able to secure a new Philippine Passport.  And yes, I said “recheck” as  I had been checking the same website and the same information since August 2014 last year.

Last week’s rechecking involved getting information as to how I can secure a Filipino passport for my 22 month’s old daughter.   The information says:


Note: A person born in the Netherlands is considered a Filipino citizen if one or both of his parents are Filipino citizens at the time of his/her birth.

1. Duly accomplished passport application form

2. Report of Birth (ROB)

3. Passport of the parent(s)

4. If parents are married, Marriage Contract (MC) or Report of Marriage (ROM), issued by Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General in the country where the marriage ceremony took place. Please present original documents, with one (1) photocopy, as stated above.

And there I saw the abbreviation ROM.  Report of Marriage.  The procedure on how to secure one really looks complicated.

I sent the following email to the Philippine Embassy then (out of curiousity? I guess):

Dear Philippine Embassy,

Good afternoon.

I was checking your website and I have a few questions:
1.  To have our Dutch marriage registered with yourselves, I have to present our Marriage Certificate in English.  Where do I get this?  Could I have this asked from the Gemeente (City Hall)?
2.  What is the main importance of having our marriage registered with the Philippine Embassy?
3.  I would want to secure a Philippine Passport for my daughter, however, she is only 2 years old and we live in Maastricht and travel is difficult by train and by bus.  Is it possible if I just come alone and request for her passport myself?

Hope to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,

And I got the following response, 1 business day after (man, they are fast in the Netherlands!):

Dear Cherry,
Regarding your inquiry, you can get the International Marriage Contract at the Gemente where you got married and should also be legalized by the Ministerie van Buitenlandsezaken (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) before you apply for a Report of Marriage at the Phil. Embassy.

The importance of applying for the Report of Marriage is that: the Report of Marriage will be forwarded to DFA and DFA will forward it to NSO, so that you will a record of your marriage at the NSO. Also, the Report of Marriage is one requirement if you want to apply for a new passport for your baby.

With regards to applying for a new passport for your baby, you must bring the baby with you, as electronic passfoto will be captured.

Thank you.

The Hague PE

Then it dawned on me: I don’t have any papers that says I am married in the Philippines! I am married in the Netherlands but not in the Philippines!

Oh wow! My official status at the National Statistics Office (NSO) in the Philippines says

I do not know why I was so ecstatic when I told my husband. His reply: nothing. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head obviously thinking: “Here we go again.”

When I told him that I want to get a Philippine Passport for our daughter, he looked at me (this time, he looked at me!) and asked “Why?”  And I said:

1.  Because she is a Filipino as her mother is a crazy Filipina.

2. So she has a right to the Philippines.

3. So she can live and own properties in the Philippines as a Filipino.

4. So she can work and study in the Philippines if she wants to.

“If she wants to and in the future when she’s big enough.  Not now.”, was what my husband said.  “We can still get that in the future, right?”

“Right.”, I said.

Then I explained about the Report of Marriage and how it is needed to secure the passport for Z.

“”Why would you want to get all of these now?”, he asked again.

“Because The Hague (the city where the Philippine Embassy is situated) is so far away!”

“Sweety…”, was his only reply.

It takes 3 hours and 51 minutes travel by train and bus together from the Maastricht station to the Philippine Embassy according to Google Maps.

Google Maps - Maastricht to The Hague

Google Maps – Maastricht to The Hague

Oh well, I will just go and renew my own Philippine Passport and meet up with Veronica! (They are coming back!)

I still want to inform the Philippine government, though, that I am married!
Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands website:

Contact Information:
Laan Copes Van Cattenburch 125
Tel. No. +31-(0)
Fax No. +31-(0)
Email: The Hague PE


18 thoughts on “Report of Marriage – A Filipino Citizen Marrying or Married to a Dutch National

  1. Dutchess Rhodora Cherry. I didn’t register my marriage at the Embassy either, I’m married for 19 years already…and that I am also single in the Philippines.
    That is a choice I choose and I think many of us here.
    As far as I know some filipina friends of mine..did registered their marriage at the Embassy but how they do it I think it was easy/ less mambo jambo, I guess. The Philippine Embassy offered a dual citizen not so long ago where they were in Limburg at that time. I didn’t bother to apply coz I have no plans of buying large property in the Philippines and my son can choose wether he likes have 2 passport or not.
    But my son ddn’t bother either…I wish he has it so he could study or work in PI. But he doesn’t see the advantage of having 2.
    Just a piece of my thought lang po.

    March 6 at 9:12pm · Edited · Like

  2. Hi ate Rhods Dutchess Rhodora, that is exactly what my husband said as well, so he was saying we just wait until Our daughter can think by herself. Am thinking since she is still 2, then let me do the thinking for now, hehe..
    Opo, as long as married we also get to keep our Filipino citizenship te.. Thanks for reading my blog!

    • Hi Louise, it was really fast for me. In less than 30 days my passport was renewed. I think they will quote 60 days to you if you apply though. Then you have to claim it in the next 6 months or else they will have it destroyed. 😊

  3. Hi.
    Ian here. I was naturalized A few YEARS back as A Dutch citizen. I am about to invest in the philippines soon and my father will give US our share of the land also soon. That’s why it’s very important for me to HAVE DUAL citizenship to be able to have properties back home.I don’t know if I lost my Pinoy citizenship the moment I became Dutch.

    • Hi Ian, sorry for coming back so late. I advise that you please check this with the Embassy (or maybe you already did 😊). It all depends as to how you were naturalised: Are you married to a Dutch woman? If so, then you can keep your Filipino nationality. Otherwise, I believe before your naturalisation they will inform you in your forms if you will have to drop your nationality to become Dutch.

  4. Hi! My name is Mylene. I have also troubles in my Report of Marriage. Pwede mo po ba ako tulungan? I’m also married in Netherlands last December 2014 until now hindi pa rin po registered sa NSO na married na ako. Dito namin sa Pilipinas pinrocess ng husband ko ang ROM last July 2015 but until now 2016 wala pa rin. Kung san san na ako tumawag na branches ng DFA. Manila and Davao coz we processed it in davao. Now maam can u help me if it’s still possible to process again in Netherlands? Thank you xoxo

  5. Hi i am Erika. My bf is a Dutch and I am a Filipina. My bf is working in Germany,he’s been there for 8 years. I am suggesting to him that we can get married in Denmark cause i heard they are not that strict when it comes to presenting documents. After the marriage we plan to stay in Germany. What are the things i need to put in my mind.

    • Hi Erika, sorry for coming back to you so late as I got swamped with work. I am not familiar with the laws in Denmark or about Dutch married couples staying in Germany. I know both countries are strict with their laws though. What I have heard from other Filipinas is that it is easier to enter Belgium. I suggest that you check the Philippine Embassy websites of both countries.
      Just a piece of advice: Be really careful with the choices that you make. 🙂 The EU has stricter rules at the moment because of all the refugees. Also, we are from the Philippines and the EU are not so friendly with us due to geographical restrictions. I advise then that you come via NL as your boyfriend is Dutch to avoid problems. 🙂

  6. Hi my name is monette, im a filipino with dutch bf and have 1month old baby not married but he acknowledged the child. we r now getting her a dutch passport at phil.embassy. My conserned now is my child holding dual citizenship.. and how it does work? do i need to get her a Philippine passport too..?? Anyone can help pls… Thanks..😍

    • Hi Monette, of course you have to get her a Philippine passport although before I left the Philippines, an identity card (or a passport) is not really needed inside the country. If you are of age and you have a school id or a voter’s ID is already ok.

      I must say though that a Dutch passport will help your child more when it comes to travelling. Your baby can go to other countries with a Dutch passport than with a Filipino passport. So I guess the real answer is “It’s up to you.” 😊

      Is your baby born in the Phils? In this case, he is declared a Filipino. But again, the passport will allow your baby to have assets in the Philippines than a Dutch one.

      Hope this helps. Goodluck!

  7. hi. pls anybody tell me what legal documents i need to prepare to get married in the Netherlands to a Dutch partner but I will not live there yet after marriage?

    • Hi Esther, I advice that you check the website of the NL Embassy. Am sure you will find more information there. Am not an expert on “what if’s”. I think the most important document that you need, however, (also for visa) is an authenticated Proof of non-married that you will get from NSO. This should be authenticated by the DFA. Check mo rin Embassy ng NL sa Manila. Or the website of the Embassy of the Phils in NL. Thanks and goodluck, Cherry

  8. Hi. I understand the part that once you submitted ROM, the marriage will be registered in NSO. My question is, will the marriage be bound with annulment (in Phil) in case (knock on wood) it doesn’t last? Or you file divorce here and report it (again) to the embassy then your status in NSO will be updated?

  9. Hi my name is Rochele im a filipina and my bf is dutch. We are living here in Thailand for 4 years already and we have a baby he is 1yr. And 8 months old. We have a problem to get him a dutch passport as i have marriage record in the philippines but separated since 2001 and had a legal separation. My bf acknowledge our son to use his name. Right now he is using phil. Passport. We will go The hague on the 28 of september to appeal to the court about the case of my son for his passport. Any advice pls. What else shall we have to do for the sake of my son. Thank you

  10. hi po im Charmagne, i am here in the Netherlands as a tourist for 3 months stay my boyfriend and i wants me to stay here for good. what do you think should i file po para mag stay na ako dito for good kasi di po kami pwede makasal bc im separated po in the Philippines.

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