What TIme Is It? It’s Dinner Time!

Because of the cartoons Bubble Guppies aired in Nickelodeon Jr, everytime we ask Super Z now “Hoe laat is ‘t?” She will always answer “Het is eten’s tijd!”

And yes, as boring as this sounds I am going to write about the different ways we eat the same dinner. 🙋

Dinner: Chicken Schnitzel, Steamed vegetable that includes carrots, cauliflower and brocolli, creamy cheese-curry sauce, and rice (to which I fried).

Ps. This menu should actually be eaten with potatoes (steamed or otherwise grilled), but my husband wanted rice.

So I sauteed it with burnt garlic and some secret filipino spices (aka Ginisa Mix that I got from Judee 🙅)

Since this is my blog, let us start with me:

Fried rice with the typical Dutch Schnitzel. Instead of the curry, to my husband’s surprised face (that he denied being surprise), I opted to eat it with my own sauce – vinegar, a dash of salt and minced garlic!! Yummy!


Our Papa, of course, followed the menu. Boring, eh? 🙆


Super Z, on the other hand, already had pasta with spaghetti sauce 1 hour prior. So her plate includes the chicken schnitzel and the steamed veggies. (She will eat rice if the viand is adobo or sinigang! 👌👍)


No matter the manner of eating, we enjoyed our dinner – together.

I believe this is one important fundamental to keeping a strong family foundation.

Start early. 💁


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