When we found out that I was pregnant, we have decided to name our daughter Sidney.  I immediately was inlove with the thought of naming my child this, as:

1.  I think it is unique even though I know there are other Sidney’s around the world.

2.  This is the first name of one of my favorite authors – Sidney Sheldon.

3.  The name Sidney is rare (aka unique), I think.

4.  I love it.

As I was entering the second trimester of my pregnancy, we watched the movie Colombiana.

From there on, we decided (or my husband decided) that we will name our baby as the name of the actress (protagonist) in the movie.

I still think Sidney is a really good name.  

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I love my feisty and beautiful Super Z, and her name.

I was just thinking while on this bus today – so I will not continue using just the first initial of my daughter in my blog, I will call her Sidney in cyberspace.

My Sidney.


On a lighter note, I have mentioned this story to one of my Spanish friends some 2 years ago.  He didn’t agree that Sidney can be a nice name as I think he was really not a big fan of “Paris” Hilton.

Then he blurted out: “You could just also name him “Sevilla” for all you want!

He is from Sevilla.  I call him “mi lord” because his name says so.


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