May 14

Thursday. Bank Holiday. We were all home. So we decided to go out for a walk. Papa had to drive us all the way to the center of the city.  Then we headed to see the old Military place. I am living in this country for almost 4 years now but this is the first time I walked around the city following the tourist’s path. Maastricht is a beautiful, historical city! Here is Sidney with one of the Musketeers! Watching the duckies in the cold water and thinking what she would be having for dinner. Calm waters. Rustig.  Quiet. And we saw this carriage pulled by 2 horses. i just love this old stonrwork architecture! The Old Town. Would you want to own a Porsche? She just loves it here! One of the biggest Cathedral that I saw.  And old! What beautiful yellow tulips!

That purple spring tree!

The star that symbolizes the city! I so love the European brick works!


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