Dis Chabacana

Scenario:You sit in your pod and suddenly 2 people approach you.

Both of them speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.

Note: They are native Spanish speakers.

They needed a change of schedule.

One starts explaining in English at the same time that the other person starts explaining the same thing in Spanish.

Out of nowhere, you start processing the message in Dutch in your head.

You wrote the days down in Dutch.

And you ask them in Spanish:

“Son estos dΓ­as, no?”

And you smile, and think:

“Pakilaya gaha yo ya ginda aki?”

And translate that further to:

“Paano kaya ako napadpad dito?”

To which you further translate to:

“This Filipina is conquering the Netherlands!”



Thoughts of Mother…

While sitting in the train surrounded by University students (and students from all parts of the world at that – a female Russian, a male Arab and a young bespectacled Dutch guy), talking about their fields of specializations, etc., I feel so old… and somebody who is so far away.
I do not belong to this group.. 

Not anymore.

I don’t want to say that these are people who are know-them-all. (I actually admire young people who are so into their studies and cannot stop showing off to each other and talking about their specialties).

I think they are cool. (Nerd.)

Dutch to the Russian: “What are you studying?”

Russian: “I am taking up Medicine.”

Dutch: “What is your Major?”

Russian: “None yet.”

Dutch: “I do.  I am studying Masters in Biology.”

Russian: “Oh.” 

I had the sudden feeling that the young bespectacled Dutch guy really wanted to say to the other 2 students that he is doing Masters in Biology (Major in Microbial Ecology, he continued) even when the other 2 were still not talking to him.  (He tried so hard to get their attention by staring at them while they spoke to each other. )

After him saying that he was studying Biology, the young Medical female Russian student turned to the young Arab (who is volunteering for a well-known Worldwide Charitable Organization) and asked him instead what he is going to do during the weekend in Maastricht. (I was listening to this whole thing without turning my head and just focusing on my baby.)

And here I am, making faces with my Sidney in the train to keep her mind off from being bored.

I am in a different world.

And yet, I see them smile.

I am a mother. 

But I’ve been there.

A pretend know-it-all. ☺️

“Some People Are Worth Melting For” – Olaf

This summer and heatwave and 37-39 degrees temperature in The Netherlands is making me grumpy and irritable easily.😁
Tired and lacking sleep, not to mention a workaholic husband who works till 1am and asks to be woken up at 5am.😭
Seeing your toddler with outburst of rashes because she sweats (now) because it is too warm.😟

The air feels humid but dry – so it feels hotter than in South East Asia. 😐

And working on a weekend.πŸ˜‡


Am just ranting πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜