Celebrating Lola Cion 🌷

Exactly 1 year ago and on a Saturday as well, my grandmother was lying in the hospital “recovering” from a stroke. 

On this Saturday one year ago, I spoke with her for the last time.

She told me that she was very tired already. I was crying as I told her that she still has to see my Zoë. She told me it was okay as she knew that her great grandchild is a good girl and will be taken cared of. I told her she promised that she would be waiting for me – that she still had to meet my family. She just said that it would be okay. 

I heard her smiling and crying on the phone.

She died 8 days after that day.

Today, my family is starting a 9-days prayer novena in her honor.  

I cannot believe that it has been almost 1 year when I packed my bags and took the more than 24-hours-flying and waiting-at-airports flight home.

Are we actually celebrating a loved one’s death anniversary?

I want to think that we are celebrating her life when she was still amongst us.

Her life was not perfect but she was perfect her own ways.

My Lola Cion. How I miss you so.

This is a part of my heart that has been broken – and will never be healed. 💔