“Mariposa de Acero”

Today, one of my colleagues compared me to a “mariposa de acero.”

An iron butterfly.

He said that I am like  a butterfly floating around but I struck good – and you bleed.

We connect.  Close.

This image first came to mind:  I lock bolts!


Then I thought: “I am indeed turning into this butterfly that is made of iron.”


I know I have Always been like this, but I also believe that I have always been soft. This environment that I am in is moulding me – with fire and ice – into this iron steel.

I hurt people along the way. The least of all the things that I want to do. However, to be hurt and to hate is one of the most important lessons of growing –

and moving on.

(But it sucks to be hated.. and to feel the hurt – especially if you are an empath like that..)

I make decisions. They may not always be the best but they are decisions that I made.

We make.

I am a butterfly clad in iron.

I like my new name.


“Thanks Alejandro…”


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