While watching Idols tonight:

“Can I also audition for Idols?”

Husband: “???” (Choking sound)

Then thinking, perhaps, that he was too harsh.. (I think..)

Husband: “You have other better talents, sweety..”

So sweet.  Marry a Dutch husband! 😝🌷

(And yes, I can’t sing like an idol but I have music in my heart 🎼🎧🎤 😊✌️😂)


Ajax vs PSV

While Papa and Opa are fighting and screeeeeaming over the game, Z starts “cheering”: “Come on Zwarte! (Blackie)”. 

She was cheering over the referee.

We’re trying to tell her “Zwarte” is not playing.  Only Red and Green!

“But he is running! Look!”

And that she likes black, she said.