While watching Idols tonight:

“Can I also audition for Idols?”

Husband: “???” (Choking sound)

Then thinking, perhaps, that he was too harsh.. (I think..)

Husband: “You have other better talents, sweety..”

So sweet.  Marry a Dutch husband! 😝🌷

(And yes, I can’t sing like an idol but I have music in my heart 🎼🎧🎤 😊✌️😂)


2 thoughts on “Idols??

  1. Hi Cherry! I’ve been reading your blog for almost two weeks now. Hope you can write more! I got so kilig with your love story with the Dutch hubby… and your daughter is pretty! Wonderful blend! She will break hearts in the future.

    • Hi! Hahaha, thanks! I still have not completely checked your blog but I will do so soon. I will do my best to write, only at the moment am so occupied with work and with being a mother and a wife and a sister to my younger siblings in the Philippines. 🙂 Nice of you to drop by and to comment. I feel honored. Thanks again!

      Hubby is still the amazing thing that he is! Haha! Am a spoilt wife! Really, I am! 🙂

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