Bedtime Story…

“Met wie ga ik trouwen Mama?” (“Who am I going to marry, Mama?)

10 deafening-silent seconds followed.

My 4-year old.

“I don’t know yet baby..”

“With Papa?”, she asked again.

“No. Papa is Mama’s husband.”

“Oh. So met wie dan?” (Oh. So with who then?”)

“It will not be for a very long time baby..”, I answered back – not sure if I am helping her find her answers or what.

“Not until I’m 100?”

“Not until you’re 100. Yes!”, I added triumphantly.

“And when I reached 100 I will explode, right?”, she continued.

“Go to sleep Zoë…”, thinking about my fatty belly. I thought then suddenly that my daughter might be  thinking that Mama will explode when she reaches 100 – as I just grow round and rounder in the middle.




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