Vakantie Dag 4: Clean your Driveway

I had been wanting to pull out all the unwanted grasses poking out between the cement and rocks in the driveway but somehow always found the right excuse to not do it.

“I am tired.”

“Don’t have enough time now.”

“I will do that tomorrow.”

The other day, while having breakfast, our doorbell rang.

Heard husband talk to somebody.

Door closed.

“Who was that?”

“Two foreign boys asking if they can do some work for us today.”, he replied.

“So where are they?”, thinking about the driveway.

“They’re gone..”, his eyes on the TV.

“We should have asked them to clean the driveway for us.  Call them back.”

“No. We do it.”, said he.

“Really?? 😏😏😏”, looking all skeptical.

“Oh no. You do it. You want it cleaned.”

And so here I was, tired as being tired can be.

The lazy me underestimated cleaning.

This reminded me of my Lola Cion in the Philippines. She was always on the go! Cleaning everything spotless, depotting the plants, trimming the plants and the trees, baking, sewing..”

And I cannot even do half of these things.

Am lazy. But I have to continue today with the driveway. 😞


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