Conversations with Her

While watching Pete’s Dragon πŸ‰ 

Mama: “Ooohhh, I also want a dragon.”

Her: “Shall I draw one for you?”


Her: “Mama! What color is that?”

Mama: (saw yellow but said) “I don’t know..”

Her: (looked at me disbelievingly..) “Are you joking Mama?”

Mama: “A bit…”

Her: “I don’t like jokes…” (with an angry, funny face)

My 4-year old! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



“Did you eat something?”, I asked my husband at 1pm after spending 1 hour upstairs putting the dry laundry away.

“No. I’m fat enough already.”, was his response.

“You are not fat.” (Being the sweet wife that I am)

“No. Am fluffy!”


Oh dear..