Conversation during tonight’s dinner..

Z: “Mama, do you know where André Hazes is?”
Me: “Huh? No baby…” (Me thinking: Is she really referring to André Hazes??)
Z: “In heaven…”

Me: “….”

Z: “You know how he died?”

Me: (looked at my husband)

Z: “Because he drank too much beer!”

Me: “Seriously! Who told you that?”

Z: “Opa in the auto..”

Me: (Looked at my husband) “Call Pap!”

Husband called his father.  

He answered.  

Son told him what happened.

Opa on the other line: “Zoë said all of those to me..”

A 4 year old who knows André Hazes. Right.

Note (from Wikipedia):

André Gerardus Hazes (30 June 1951 – 23 September 2004) was a Dutch singer in a genre called levenslied (“song about life”), popular music about everyday life sung in the Dutch language. André Hazes was one of the most successful singers in this genre. Hazes recorded 31 studio and live albums and he released 55 singles


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