Why Only 10??!!

“Mama? How nice do you think did I color this drawing?”

“A thousand”, I answered back as I know she likes to be rated in numbers.

“Papa? How nice do you think did I do?”

“10.”, her Papa answered without taking his eyes away from what he was reading.

“10? Why only 10? That is so few!”

“Yes baby. But 10 is the highest number for my rating.  I rate from 1 to 10 and 10 is the highest.”, her Papa diligently replied.

“But why only 10??!”

“Sweety! Can you please help me explain to her why 10 is the highest?”, my husband turned to me.

“Baby? Papa gave you a score of 10 because that is the highest number for him. It means Perfect! 10 Stars!”, I tried to explain to my daughter.

“But why only 10?!! Why did you give me a thousand? That is even more. Why not more than 10?”, she asked me again.

“I don’t know.  Ask your Papa.” – giving his responsibility back to my husband.




Thank you for being the awesome, generous, not-so-patient at times, perfect and not-so-perfect altogether, strict, strong, super loving and superhero to our daughter’s eyes Papa of ZoΓ« ❀️

You are loved so much by us.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa Armand ❀


He said: “You know what’s funny? You say Rambo is your favorite movie.  You know how many Asians they killed in this movie? It’s like you hate Asians more than me!”

I said: “I hate white people.” (Looking bored and dumb)

He replied: “That’s why you married me.  So you can bully me the rest of my life.”


Reader’s discretion: My husband and I are against racism.