About 1.0

(I wrote this last year when I was still pregnant. You might get confused as we already have Zoë in our arms in the photo above *wink*)

I have been itching to write something for a long time now. I had always wanted to do this, and I had been dreaming of doing the same. But I find myself no time to go back into doing the passion that I so wanted. I am working, pregnant, busy playing the role of a good housewife, clean the home, meet deadlines, stay connected with my family in the far east, do everything as far as I can as long as I can, and is about to start schooling in two weeks time.

I had been dreaming of dead relatives for the past 1 week or so. Living relatives that I left behind in the Philippines are also almost always present in my vivid dreams everynight – for as long as I can remember. I think I just miss them a lot. Or that I am worried about them – a lot. If only I can bring them here with me without any difficulties, that I will do. Many people think that I am now living the life of a woman that a lot of other women dreams to have. I am loved. And cared. I don’t want to brag about it loudly to the world, but I am aware that perhaps, yes, I am one of the luckiest souls alive in this world.

Now I am living. Not merely existing.

Soon I will be a Mom. On Saturday I will complete my 12 weeks of being pregnant. In 4 more weeks we will be able to identify the sex of the baby.

I am happy that the whole world is excited with me. With us. Me and Armand.

I am starting this website at work. Where I have time to sit down and relax, if the calls are not coming in. I am working as one of the technical support for HP Spain.

My colleagues know me as the crazy Cherry. My supervisor branded me as his happy agent. I don’t care less. I am the me that they see. And I am glad.

So here goes nothing. I should go back to writing some things again as an avenue to releasing my thoughts that stays in my superconciousness and turns themselves into dreams. Or nightmares.

As I have read somewhere: “Write what should not be forgotten.”

I am Mae to my family and Cherry to my friends and colleagues. I am a proud Filipina. I now living with my family of my own in The Netherlands.

Hasta ahora!


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