About the Categories

The Bond of a Father and his daughter

The Bond of a Father and his daughter

All About Her
This category contains articles, blogs, posts that I have written for my little one (which is most of the time actually). I have come up with the idea of a blog to satisfy my cravings of sharing my thoughts for my little one.

Posts for my family: my direct Dutch-Filipino family, my family and relatives in the Philippines and beyond, and my inlaws.

Knight in Shining Armor
Come to think of it: I have always branded myself as the KnightPoet. Now I realized that my knight is actually my Armand. He saved me and continues to save me.

My Funny Bone
Contains posts of my craziness and being loca!

My son: Simba!
Simba is our pet cat. My pet cat. My gift from my sweety!

The Knight Poet
I came about the name Knight Poet when I was still in Friendster. I am not sure how I found the name but it just came about and came to be. I know I was still working in Cyber City Teleservices that time and I had been much of a fighter, or somebody who was really trying to brush off the norms from my shoulders. I never wanted to stand out as I have always wanted to stay in the shadows and just wait for the right moment to spring out like a cat, but then, my life is like it is. I am the Knight Poet. I had always been different. I didn’t want

If say I write something and I don’t know how to categorized it. :p You know! 🙂


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