Dance Dance Dance

When you do anything for your kid.

“Papa, dance with me..”


Why Only 10??!!

“Mama? How nice do you think did I color this drawing?”

“A thousand”, I answered back as I know she likes to be rated in numbers.

“Papa? How nice do you think did I do?”

“10.”, her Papa answered without taking his eyes away from what he was reading.

“10? Why only 10? That is so few!”

“Yes baby. But 10 is the highest number for my rating.  I rate from 1 to 10 and 10 is the highest.”, her Papa diligently replied.

“But why only 10??!”

“Sweety! Can you please help me explain to her why 10 is the highest?”, my husband turned to me.

“Baby? Papa gave you a score of 10 because that is the highest number for him. It means Perfect! 10 Stars!”, I tried to explain to my daughter.

“But why only 10?!! Why did you give me a thousand? That is even more. Why not more than 10?”, she asked me again.

“I don’t know.  Ask your Papa.” – giving his responsibility back to my husband.


Letters and Words

While reading to Zoë and asking her what word/s the letter/s in the book stands for.

Papa: “F is voor?” (Pointing to a bottle that resembles a jar).

Her: “Potje?” (Small jar)

Papa: “No Zoë. F. Letter F.”

Her: “Fotje?” 

She is really my daughter! Crazy!

(F is for “fles” in Dutch.  A bottle).

Snow on the 2nd day of the New Year!

Good thing our Christmas tree is still standing.

Our lights are all still blinking.

We woke up with our surroundings covered in perfect white sheet of snow.

And we are off from work. (What can be better?)

It is Christmas time once again!

We jumped into our warm winter jackets, shawls, gloves and beanies!

So see who loves the snow!

And she also found a new Syrian friend. 🙂

Conversations with Her

While watching Pete’s Dragon 🐉 

Mama: “Ooohhh, I also want a dragon.”

Her: “Shall I draw one for you?”


Her: “Mama! What color is that?”

Mama: (saw yellow but said) “I don’t know..”

Her: (looked at me disbelievingly..) “Are you joking Mama?”

Mama: “A bit…”

Her: “I don’t like jokes…” (with an angry, funny face)

My 4-year old! 😂😂

5 Years!

5 years ago, also on a Friday, I arrived in the Netherlands armed with hope and the greatest risk of a lifetime.  

Now, am standing here. Thankful. Grateful. For everything and everyone around me.

In 5 years I accomplished big stuffs that are just not easily handed out. 

Guess I have been lucky. I am lucky.

Life is beautiful with the man who bowed to love me through good times and bad times (baby fats and all), and a daughter who is becoming more and more like me! (As per Papa)

What more can I ask?

One thing is certain: I miss my family in the Philippines. I know they miss me too. People you love are always in your heart.

We’ll see each other soon.