Babybel and CS

We ordered a full-month supply of groceries from when my husband told me we were missing 1 out of 4 Babybels. I asked him how much that costs and he said “€2,09.” I said he should call. He found it ridiculous to call CS for 2 euros and 9 cents but I insisted. I told him I’m glad not all customers are like him, otherwise, I wouldn’t have a job.😂

He rang and the representative said that they will deposit back the amount and that we will get a discount on our next online order. He kept thanking the representative and praising the supermarket for the good service as this was the first time something like this happened.

After he hung-up, he was laughing his ass off as he felt ridiculous to be calling for 2 euros and 9 cents.

I explained that it is customers like us who have concerns like ours that gives job to customer service departments. I know. I have always worked in one. Customer contact/s and customer satisfaction (aka customer experience) during the first contact is very important for us who works in call centers.

Anyways, thanks for the quick resolution Jumbo! Send us that survey! 😍🤗

Ps. Are you really out of Max Verstappen stickers by the way?