Hot Coffee on a warm spring afternoon

Papa: “Zoë, can you make Mama and Papa a cup of coffee each, please?” while he was busy clearing the table after dinner.

(I was sitting at the table watching tv. I did the cooking, ok?) 😆

Her: “Papa? Would you want cold coffee? It is very warm anyway. You should drink cold coffee.”

Papa: “No Zoë. I want hot coffee.”

Her: “Ok then. Mama? Do you want hot coffee or cold coffee? You said you are warm, right? You should drink cold coffee.”

Mama: “I want hot like Papa.” (Then winked at my husband while he rolled his eyes.)

Papa: “Yeah, yeah. Sarcastic.”

Her: “Mama means hot like your coffee Papa.” (While busy with the coffee machine and not looking at us.)

Both: “Oh yeah….”

When your 6-year old has better common sense than her parents. 😂